How to use a Chinese Yoosee/2cu IP Camera with Zoneminder on Ubuntu


This IP camera is a fairly cheap one (30-40 US$). According to the user manual it is supposed to be used with Yoosee mobile camera app to view photos remotely.But after upgrading “yoosee” the remote viewing had failed. Luckily the “2cu” app could be used to view photos remotely with out any problem  . Therefore I had to drop ” yoosee” and select  “2cu ” app for the mobile phone. As an alternative measure for  this type of unexpected problems I thought of exploring possibilities of using this camera on Zonemider .

(First I have started and connected the ip camera to the wireless router through wifi .

Then I have used “nmap -A -T4 192.168.1.*” on the terminal .
The results of nmap showed that the ip camera is connected through ip address
and the opened ports were 554  and 5000.

I tried to view the server using :554 and but failed.)

My operating system is Ubuntu 15.10 .The Zoneminer version is v1.28.1.

First download free Xeoma app and ran to find the streaming address of the camera.

Screenshot-Untitled Window

IP camera view on Xeoma ( photo at right)

Screenshot-Untitled Window-1

From the above figure you can see that  the URLs  are  rtsp:// and rtsp://

I have used one of the above URLs to configure the monitor of  Zoneminder.


monitor of  zoneminder


I have used the Monitor Preset  of Foscam F1820 ffmpg H264 as a guidance . But used the Source path and the resolution from the Xeoma results.

Screenshot-ZM - Monitor - Monitor-2 - Mozilla Firefox-1


IP camera view on Zoneminder( photo at left)

You can use this cost effective night vision Chinese IP camera on Zoneminder very easily.


50 thoughts on “How to use a Chinese Yoosee/2cu IP Camera with Zoneminder on Ubuntu

  1. Hi!

    How did you successfully configure the Yoosee cam in Xeoma? I tried but I only get a black rtsp stream. I entered user and password of the cam (“Cam1234567”) and my password that works in my iPhone App but still a black stream. Any idea?

    • Hi Marc
      You don’t need to enter the administrative password of the camera to obtain rtsp stream in Xeoma when the camera and the computer where runs Xeoma in the same local network (connected to the same router via wifi or direct). The Xeoma running on the same local network automatically detects the camera .

      • Thanks for the reply. I was trying to change the ports for the camera so I can use my camera app on the phone to see the cameras. I personally don’t really like the yoosee app. Can Zoneminder change the ports for the cameras? Thanks in advance

  2. Mark my camera was working I went out and tried to check my home and it was turned around and wouldn’t work. now all it does is BEEP! PLEASE HELP I reset the cam I unplugged but as soon as it turns around beep beep. Can u help??

  3. Camera won’t connect message says camera does not currently support 5G wifi when will this be corrected purchased holan ip new

  4. Hi Mr. Jayasundera
    thx to you I got my camera working with zoneminder.
    Only problem: it’s working at 320×180 (the camera has a 1280×720 resolution)… do you know if there’s a way to acquire the image with higher resolution?

  5. Hi

    The package of my yoosee camera says that there is support for http.

    However, I couldn’t find more information about it.

    I can successfully stream using rtsp://.

    However, I rather need an http stream.

    What is the live video feed for http?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Dennis
      I have used Xeoma software installed on linux PC to access rtsp streaming of the camera. Xeoma automatically detects the camera.Then the streaming address indicated in Xeoma is used in the Zoneminder.The relevant ports are 554 and 5000 . You will have to do port forwarding in the router to access directly on the web browser.But in my case I have used Xeoma and Zoneminder with out port forwarding.

  6. Hello,

    I’ve managed to get these cameras working with PTZ funtion. You just have to use control and there are 2 options: onvif and netcat onvif (or something like that!) . Use the secong option. Need to use user=xxxx@paswd=xxxx and then the port on the other texlabel.
    Later i’ll try to post some images.

  7. How to protect when portforward the camera? Everyone has my ip and port can connect to my camera if open the port 554 to my router. I can’t find a way to secure the camera as i did with my old ip http camera.

  8. Hi, I see this IPcam (just like the one in the picture at the top of the page but with the horizontal line in blue) can be connected and viewed via a hotspot with the ID of the IP cam (MV33683657) or via LAN (RJ45 port) and I can see Image an control PTZ via Onvif device manager, but I can’t configure or see config page. for reaching the Cam via Wifi trough a Router. Please help. I am using Xeoma to try to find the cam iin wifi mode adding ports 8080, 554 and 5000 to the search . Win 7 x86.

    • Hi pauloandes
      Have you tried to connect the camera with a mobile phone ? First try to connect the camera to the router with Ethernet cable and configure.On the configuration menu enter the wifi password and connect with wifi .Once you connect with wifi you can access the camera via wifi or mobile data on a mobile phone.Please see this link. If it does not work please reset the camera by pressing the reset button.

  9. Hi, i bought four yoosee camera.
    may i use these camera with yoosee app from outside my home?
    do i need to port forward on router?

    • Hi andreaandrew
      You don’t need to do port forwarding to see your camera from outside the home since the camera is based on P2P technology.You just can use Data connection in your smart phone with yoosee app to connect the camera.

      • Hi Jayasundera,
        thanks for your help.
        Yesterday I was able to add camera to Yoosee using a tablet connected on the same local network.
        Today I’m going to install Yoosee on my mobile phone and add camera from outside my local network.
        I will let you know.

  10. Hi,
    Today I was able to set up the camera on Yoosee and watch streaming remotely from my mobile phone.
    Thanks again.

  11. Hi…..i have been trying to remotely access my ip camera by when i am on a different network it gives me an error message stating ” network is busy , please try again later(30102004)” . At home the camera is working fine but as soon as i am on a different network i get this error. I tried giving a static ip address to the camera using cms but my router does not give port forwarding option to make any further progress. I have been trying it for last 10 days but nothing is working . Please help

    • Hi Rishabh
      You will have to activate Data connection and off the wifi in the smart phone to connect the ip camera from different network.If you still can’t connect ,please install 2cu instead of yoosee in the smart phone and retry.

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