How to control Zoneminder CCTV installed on Raspberry pi3 remotely using TeamViewer

First install Zoneminder on Raspberry pi 3

Now our task is to find a method to control the Raspberry pi 3 computer remotely through inter net .

I have selected the  TeamViewer software for this purpose as it is

1.A free software

2. Very simple to install and use .No port forwarding is required

We will have to install TeamViewer on Raspberry pi 3 as well as on the remote computer.

The  TeamViewer for the Raspberry pi 3 can be downloaded from here.

The downloaded  TeamViewer deb file can be installed on pi using the installer in Raspbian (Jessy)  ( by right clicking on the deb file and selecting the program)


The TeamViewer control Panel on Raspberry pi3


Setting up passwords

Then disable the random password and setup a personal password using the Option menu

Once the TeamViewer is installed it activates as a startup software .(Once computer is switched on the program is activated automatically )


The  TeamViewer for the remote computer can be downloaded from here

Install TeamViewer on the remote computer


The TeamViewer  Control panel  on remote computer after installation

The add the Raspberry pi 3 to remote computer as a partner

Add the details of Raspberry pi 3 ( ID and password)to remote computer.

Then activate the connection  between the remote computer and the raspberry pi using the TeamViewer panel of the remote computer


The  desktop of Raspberry pi 3  on the remote computer after the connection using TeamView


Zoneminder monitor of USB  Camera   on Raspberry pi3  appeared on remote  computer

The connection is very fast !

Thanks to Raspberry pi3 & TeamViewer !

Now you can control the pi from the remote computer!

I think there is a very big potential in developing cost effective Home Automation and Surveillance systems  using  Rasberry pi3 and TeamViewer

Reference :-How to install Zoneminder 1.29.0 on Raspberry pi 3


One thought on “How to control Zoneminder CCTV installed on Raspberry pi3 remotely using TeamViewer

  1. can you make a step-by-step (or better: command-by-command) tutorial for this project?
    I guess a lot of people find this pretty interesting!

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