How to access localhost using ngrok free account and dropbox over the internet (Ubuntu 16.10)

OS of my PC is Ubuntu 16.10

First install ngrok on the the PC  Please refer the official web site

signup  to an account

Download ngrok

Extract  the downloaded zip file in to the home directory of the PC

Then connect your account using the authtoken shown in the web site ( for having longer sessions )

On the Ubuntu terminal and enter

./ngrok authentic xxxxxx

( Use  your authtoken got in the ngrok web site instead of  xxxxxx above )


Screenshot from 2020-05-11 16-49-11

Figure:-1  The web panel of ngrok

On Ubuntu terminal run

./ngrok http 80

When you run ./ngrok http 80 you will get the ngrok panel as follows

Screenshot from 2017-03-21 00-00-55

Figure:-2  ngrok running on the terminal

Screenshot from 2017-03-21 00-02-13

Figure:-3  ngrok web interface

If you copy the Forwarding web links on the web browser of a remote computer ,local host of the forwarding computer will appear on the screen.

The main problem in the free ngrok is ,the forwarding link is not a fixed one .Every time you start ngrok ,you will get a different link address .Therefore you can not access the localhost of the computer ,without knowing the forwarding address .

If you can save the ngrok web interface as a pdf file and upload in to a free dropbox account ,you will be able to access it over the internet and connect with the link .

Therefore it is necessary to install dropbox on the hosting computer.Installation of  dropbox  can be easily done using the Ubuntu Software center .


wkhtmltopdf is installed for saving html files as pdf

sudo apt-get install wkhtmltopdf

In order to start dropbox , ngrok at the startup of the PC and saving ngrok forwarding links to dropbox and uploading to the cloud automatically , I have written a script shown below

Open the terminal and run

sudo gedit

Copy the following script in to the and save the file in the home directory




dropbox start -i

gnome-terminal -- ./ngrok http 80

xdg-open http://127.0.01:4040/inspect/http

rm ~/Dropbox/Public/ngrok/*

sleep 20

wkhtmltopdf http://127.0.01:4040/inspect/http ~/Dropbox/Public/ngrok/ngrok.pdf


Then to make executable run on th terminal

chmod +x ~/

Now if you run ./ on the terminal ,dropbox and ngrok will 
start and the forwarding links are uploaded to the dropbox cloud.

If you want to start the above process at the startup of PC ,the script
has to be added in to the startup applications .
Screenshot from 2017-03-21 00-38-01

Figure:-4 Adding the script to the menu launcher
Screenshot from 2017-03-21 00-40-46.png
Figure:-5 Adding the script to the startup applications

When you start the computer the above script will activate automatically
and save the forwarding links in the dropbox cloud so that the localhost
can be accessed remotely.

Screenshot from 2017-03-21 00-45-24.png  

Figure:-6  Saved forwarding links file on the dropbox folder 
of the local computer

Screenshot from 2017-03-21 00-48-06

Figure:-7 Saved forwarding links in the dropbox cloud

If you place the cursor and press on the link you will be able to 
access the local host of the forwarding computer

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