How to solve the Problem of video generation of events from filters in Zoneminder 1.26.5 on Ubuntu 14.04/Mint 17


The Zoneminder 1.26.5 software has been designed to use ffmpeg for video generation purpose.But latest Ubuntu 14.04 and Mint use avconv instead of ffmpeg. Since the Zoneminder software is not so user friendly ,I  had  to find a correct way of using avconv by trail and error method.


Let us examine how to fill the data in  Zoneminder Console /Options/Images

In the previous versions of Zoneminder /Ubuntu combination , for the “Path to (optional) ffmpeg mpeg encoder (?)” we had to give the full path /usr/bin/ffmpeg.

But for the Zoneminder 1.26.5 the full path is not required .

We can see avconv is available in /usr/bin/

Therefore in the Value cage enter avconv



Now we will have to find whether the method adopted is facilitating to make  videos out of the images . This can be tested by uploading the results to a ftp server.

Here I have selected free account of filegenie file server


Now go to Zoneminder Console /Options/Upload

Fill the value cages as follows

Should ZoneMinder support uploading events from filters (?) -tick the value box

What protocol to use to upload events (?) -ftp

The remote server to upload events to (?)-

Remote server username (?) your user name in filegenie

Remote server password (?) your password in filegenie

The remote directory to upload to (?) zm

(Note :- In filegenie I have initially creared a folder zm)


Making a filter to activate conditions for making videos and uploading .

Using the filter button zoneminder console make a filter with following conditions

max Score > or =  20 (you will have to chose the value according to the value you used in the monitor)

Then tick the boxes in Create video for all matches and Upload the matches

Then save the filter and execute.

Now if you press the log button in the zoneminder console ,you can see uploading video files to the file server.






How to install HomeGenie Open Source Home Automation Server on Ubuntu 14.04 /Mint 17 64 bit


HomeGenie is a free Open Source Home Automation software that can be installed on Linux operating systems

Installation method 1

The software can be downloaded from HomeGenie official website

The deb file can be downloaded from  this link provided by the software developers and installed easily using the built in software manager of Ubuntu or Mint .If you use this method the HomeGenie will be installed in the /usr/local/bin/homegenie   folder. Then the software is running as root.

Installation method 2

I like to recommend this method ,as it does not run as root .

Download tgz version of software from this link provided by the software developers in to the home directory of your computer .

Extract the file to the home directory using the built in Archive Manager of Ubuntu /Mint .

Then you will get a folder called “homegenie”

Open the homegenie folder and find the script file called “”

Place the mouse cursor right click the mouse and allow to execute as a program and to open with Auto run prompt.

Making a start up icon at the desktop

Copy file to the desktop

Open as a text file .  Then  edit and save as follows

line 13

sudo $MONO /home/your linux user name/homegenie/HomeGenie.exe

line 16

sudo $MONO /home/your linux user name/homegenie/HomeGenie.exe >/dev/null 2>&1

Note :Please replace with your user name

Then place the mouse on the start up icon >right click the mouse and ensure whether the file is being permitted to execute as a program and open with Auto run prompt.

Now you can double click the start up icon to start the program

After entering your  Linux password ,Open the firefox browser and go to


If port 80 is not be permitted



Then you will get the HomeGenie Panel .Now you can change the HTTP service port to 81 using

Configure>Maintenance and Updates>Change port

Then restart the server and check for updates

It is easy to configure the program to suit  your system.

A demonstration Video on HomeGenie