How to install SMath Studio in Mint Linux 16


SMath Studio is a free software very much similar to MATHCAD.
First you will have to go to SMath Studio – Official Web Site to get the software downloaded.The software is available in Smath Forum .After obtaining the forum membership SMath for Linux can be downloaded .Move the downloaded tar.gz file to home folder and extract it.

Then you will get a folder namely “SMathStudioDesktop.0_97_5346.Mono”.This folder contains an executable file called “SMathStudio_Desktop.exe”.

“mono-complete” has to be installed in order to run “SMathStudio_Desktop.exe” file .

You can install mono using the Software Manager of Mint .

Now SMath Studio desktop can be accessed by double clicking “SMathStudio_Desktop.exe” file in the SMathStudioDesktop.0_97_5346.Mono folder in the home directory.

How to make an executable desktop icon of SMath?
At the  decktop  right click the mouse and press Create Launcher.
Then fill the cages as follows.
Name: Smath
Then press the browse button by the side of command cage, to locate “SMathStudio_Desktop.exe” file in the “SMathStudioDesktop.0_97_5346.Mono” folder in the home directory.Then press ok button .Now you will get a Launcher icon on the desktop.


How to correct “invalid HTTP request” error notice in google earth (< or =7) on Ubuntu 12.02

invalid HTTP requestAfter the google earth (<7) is installed in Ubuntu if you try to use “Fly to” box in the left panel of google earth, this error message will appear.This is due to an old libcurl version installed in Ubuntu 12.02.To overcome this problem, it is necessary to get rid of file in /opt/google/earth/free/ folder .

For the safety we can re name this file as follows .
Open the terminal

sudo mv /opt/google/earth/free/ /opt/google/earth/free/

Now you can fly to any place with out getting “invalid HTTP request” error notice

How to install Zoneminder in ubuntu 14.04 64 bit or Mint 17

ZoneMinder ,the top Linux video camera security and surveillance solution.
(1) Install Zoneminder 1.26.5-1ubuntu3 using Ubuntu software center
(2) Open the terminal and input
sudo mkdir /etc/apache2/conf.d
sudo ln -s /etc/zm/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf.d/zoneminder.conf

sudo ln -s /etc/zm/apache.conf /etc/apache2/conf-enabled/zoneminder.conf
sudo a2enmod cgi

sudo adduser www-data video
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 force-reload


sudo service apache2 restart

(5)Download cambozola and extract to home folder.Then the extracted folder name may be look like cambozola-0.935 .Then open the terminal and input
sudo cp cambozola-0.935/dist/cambozola.jar /usr/share/zoneminder
now open the web browser and goto address localhost/zm
Now you can add your monitor (using the web cam or any  other ip cam)  and configure zm as you wish.

In the zoneminder  menu press options go to Images and tick  the box (optional) cambozola java streaming client installed (?)”

for the cage at PATH_CAMBOZOLA fill  cambozola.jar

stop zoneminder and restart using the menu at the top of web page

If you want to get e-mail alerts you can use postfix .refer –
Configure Postfix to Use Gmail SMTP on Ubuntu


How to solve “—–Invalid skin ‘ZM_SKIN_DEFAULT’——-” error message in Zonemonder 1.28

When the zoneminder is updated to version 1.28 you may get above error message.

To solve the error  you will  need to update your config.

Open the terminal and input -f

Then restart Zm

Please ref:- This site

How to install HEC-RAS in Ubuntu 14.04 using PlayOnLinux


1. Install PlayOnLinux using Ubuntu Software Center
2. Then start PlayOnLinux and Tools>Manage Wine versions to install wine 1.4
(It is difficult to install if  if wine >1.4 )
Then  Install>Install non-listed program>Install a program in new virtual drive>
then name the drive and tick install some libraries then select 32 bit
tick Pol_install_mfc40 Then install HEC-RAS using the downloaded hec ras exe file
note :- download HEC-RAS
For details PRESS HERE

How to solve blank Panoramio photo problem in google earth on ubuntu

My OS is Ubuntu Linux 15.10 , 64 bit and the installed google earth version is
Problem:- google earth does not show Panoramio photos
Note:- This method is valid only for Ubuntu 64 bit and google earth 64 bit.

sudo apt-get install libc6:i386 lsb-core


Download 64 bit .deb (For Debian/Ubuntu)  from GE official web site and install
Solution(given by Mr.Amirpli):- open the terminal and#sudo apt-get install libfreeimage3
#cd /opt/google/earth/free
#sudo wget
# sudo tar xvf ge7.1.1.1580-0.x86_64-new-qt-libs-debian7-ubuntu12.tar.xz

Now you will be able to see Panoramio photos
This method can be used for ubuntu 14.04/13.10/13.04/12.04If you can’t download ge7.1.1.1580-0.x86_64-new-qt-libs-debian7-ubuntu12.tar.xz file from the above googledrive site please PRESS HEREOriginally by:


All Credit Should Go To Amirpli who has given this solution

Thank you amirpli


How to Install

Google Earth on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus

Please refer following link  Here