How to mount a account in a computer with Linux Mint OS

Following tutorial shows how to mount a free cloud account in a computer with linux Mint.

First go to the home directory

In the main menu press File>Connect to Server

Then fill the cages as follows and connect

Server Details

Server –

Type –     Secure WebDAV (HTTPS)     Port – 443

User Details  (Of your box account)

User Name-

Password   –

Then press Connect

(In some cases you will have to input


as the sever address)


Open the terminal and input
sudo apt-get install davfs2
sudo adduser your-username davfs2  (use your linux user name)
mkdir ~/Box
mkdir ~/.davfs2
cp /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf ~/.davfs2
echo "use_locks    0" >> ~/.davfs2/davfs2.conf
sudo gedit /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf
In this file enter the following line and save
use_locks       0
Open the hidden folder .davfs2 in the home directory 
Open the  text editor and paste the following and save the 
file as “secrets     your Box_username    Box_password

Then open the terminal and run
sudo chmod 600 ~/.davfs2/secrets

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

Add the following line to the end of the file and save /home/your-username/Box         davfs rw,user,noauto 0 0

sudo dpkg-reconfigure davfs2   
(This is to Mount as a non-root user on Mint)

configuring davfs2

At the dpkg-reconfigure screen , click on “Yes” button.   in the terminal Now enter

 sudo mount ~/Box
Now the box account is mounted

If you errors in mounting Please try
sudo chmod u+s /sbin/mount.davfs
mounted box
You can see the box is mounted on home directory


When the cloud is mounted on the computer all the data can be visible in the computer.

Please find the screen capture photos here 

Reference:- Damian
            Dan Nanni 



How to install JMCAD on Mint.

JMCAD is a modern free software for the mathematical modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems.This software can be installed on Linux platforms.

First Icedtea-7-plugin has to be installed using Software manager of Mint.Then go to and download JMCAD software .Then right click the downloaded file ; go to permissions mark it as  executable. Go to Open with and mark application as IceTea Java Webstart .Then double click the file to install the programme.After installing a start up icon is placed on the desktop.

When you double click the icon the main window of JMCAD will appear.This software can be used for complex mathematical modelling ,simulation and making virtual instruments

Here, I have given a small example on “how to visualise the microphone input of the computer ”

screen capture images can be seen HERE

First In the main menu of window ,you will have to go to file>new .

Then you get a window named “Model#1”

In the left panel of main window ,under the elements you can see programmable elements.

In this case press “In”  to get the drop down menu and place the cursor on ‘input from sound” ,then place the cursor in “Model#1” window to get the element on to it .

Similarly “Display graph in real time” under visualisation can be obtained.

you can adjust the size of the graph by   double clicking  on it .You can just place the cursor and wire the circuit .

You can add Start Stop button using “control>Start and model Stop.

When you double click on the “Start and Model stop” button programme starts or stop.

Alternative method to install JMCAD

Download JMCAD from HERE

Copy the downloaded file to home directory and extract.

Open the extracted file and find the file JMCAD.jar

place the mouse cursor on it ;right clck>permissions>tick the box on Allow executing file as program

Open with>select OpenJDK java7 Runtime

When you double click JMCAD.jar  JMCAD will open.

Now you can make a start up icon as in the previous case

Similarly the script file called can also be used to start the program.

How to install Abyss Web Server X1 on Mint

Abyss Web Server X1 is a free software .This software can be downloaded from

How to use Abyss Web Server X1:-

First download Abyss Web Server X1 from the above site

Extract the downloaded abwsx1.tgz file to the home directory of your computer.

The the extracted file is abyssws

Open the terminal & input

cd abyssws


Now open the web browser and input the following web address to view your web site index.html which is placed at  /home/abyssws/htdocs


You can edit this index.html to suit you requriements.( for editing you may use Kompozer or similar software)

For configuring you server ,use the following web address

localhost:9999       (Note :-This has to be done after opening the terminal with cd abyssws and ./abyssws commands)

for the first time you will have to input a user name and password to use the console.

A start up icon can be made on the desktop by creating a launcher .At the desktop right click the mouse to creat  a launcher .For the Command browse home/abyssws/abyssws.For the Type use Location.

To start the sever double click the icon and press “Run in Terminal”. Then the server will be started with opened terminal.When the terminal is closed, server stops.

To view screen shots press  HERE

How to install Dropbox 2.8.2 on Mint 16 64 bit

First download the dropbox software. The Dropbox 2.8.2  64 bit can be downloaded from

Copy the downloaded tar.gz file to Home directory .

Extrat it to the Home directory

The extracted contents are not visible as those are in hidden format .

To see the files and folders press View>Show Hidden Files in the main menu of the Home directory

Now yo can see related folders such as

.dropbox ,.dropbox-dist  etc…

Open .dropbox-dist and find a file called dropboxd.

dropbox can be started when you double click on dropboxd

Since there is no start up icon generated, we will have to make one on the desktop manually .

Go to desktop and right click to make a launcher.

In the Launcher to get the command you will have to browse home folder>.dropbox-dist>dropboxd

Here you may have to right click on choose an Application window for enabling the view of hidden files.

If you want to start dropbox automatically on Mint start up

Go to Main menu> Control Center>Startup Applications >add

Then fill up Add Startup Program cage and add

Now the dropbox starts on Mint Start up

Making dropbox at the start up of Linux


Alternative method to make a start up icon

Go to desktop

Place the mouse cursor on the left corner of the bottom panel and right click

Then press  Edit menu>Under any of the Applications , as your wish make a new item

The you get the Create Launcher window

fill up the cages as in the case above and press OK

Then the Drop Box start up icon is added to the main menu.

This method is applicable also to latest versions of Drop Box

Drop Box download site –

In the latest versions of Drop Box, if you want to start drop box automatically on Mint start up ,You can make it easily using the Drop Preferences