A simple method to make Zoneminder alarm events remotely viewable using Dropbox syncing (Ubuntu 14.04/Mint 17)

First of all a Dropbox Sync folder has to be created on your computer where the zoneminder  surveillance system has been installed .The method is discribed in this link HERE

After installing Dropbox on your computer using the above method ,a sync folder called “dropbox ” is created on the home directory of your computer.

Now we are going to get a link of zoneminder events and copy to dropbox folder so that you can view events live on the Dropbox cloud.

The alarm events of zoneminder are stored in the folder at  /var/cache/zoneminder/events

If you right click the mouse on events folder and try to  create  a link ,you can see it is not allowed .

If you use synaptics packge manager to find  where the zoneminder files in your computer , you can see  another events file in /usr/share/zoneminder.

(It is a  folder linked to /var/cache/zoneminder/events)

Copy the events file at /usr/share/zoneminder to the dropbox folder at the home dirctory.

(just copy and paste)

Since this events folder is link to /var/cache/zoneminder/events ,all the zoneminder events are updated lively.

Start the dropbox and zoneminder

Now you can see all the events are uploaded lively to the Dropbox cloud so that you can view the alarm images and videos remoteley .

(Note:-Using teamviewer software also you can control zoneminder and view events)