How to access account using cadaver on the Ubuntu terminal

cadaver is a command-line WebDAV client for Unix

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How to access account using cadaver

Install cadaver

Open the Ubuntu terminal

sudo apt-get cadaver

After installation if you enter following command on the terminal you will able to access account ( you will have to enter the user and password of the account)

sudo cadaver

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Then enter help to obtain cadaver commands

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If you enter ls you will be able to see the files and folders in your account

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You can upload or download files on account as follows


Uploading a file (bk.jpg)  in the home directory of PC to

Using lls command you can access file list in the home directory of PC

then enter

put remote bk.jpg

details are in the following figures


Our next  target is to make  above process automatically


  1. making a script to load
  2. save user and password of account in file in order to access automatically


Saving password on netrc

sudo gedit ~/.netrc

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machine login USERNAME password PASSWORD

Here your USERNAME and PASSWORD of the account has to be entered


Save file in the home directory of the PC and exit to shell prompt. Make sure, only owner can read the file:
$ chmod 0600 ~/.netrc


Screenshot from 2017-12-31 16-42-47

Making a script file to load

sudo gedit

Enter following lines in file and save it in the home directory of the Ubuntu PC

Screenshot from 2017-12-31 23-56-20

Then using Main Menu software make an executable icon