How to use an old Android phone as an IP camera on Zoneminder

I thought of using my old of  Micromax 60 Android phone as a IP camera for Zoneminder software .When I search the internet for a software that can convert a phone to an IP camera ,I came across an interesting software called  IP Webcam.

Let us see how a phone can be used with Zoneminder.

First you will have to have a wireless router connected to the computer where the Zoneminder installed.

1.Install IP Webcam software on the phone.

2.Activate the wireless connection in the phone and connect to the wireless router.

3.Open the IP Webcam and go through the menu and activate the server.Now you can view the IP address of the phone and the port number on the screen.Write down the IP Address and the port .(my IP Address and port

4.If you enter the above IP Address  on the address bar of the computer ,you will get a screen as follows

Press here to see

5. Add a monitor in the ZM-Console.

Fill the general and source sub menus as follows.

Press here for general

Press here for source 

Press here to see the ZM-Conzole

6.Restart ZM using the runnig/stop key in the ZM-Console. Now you can view video streaming on the phone on the ZM monitor .

Press here to see ZM monitor


Note :- The charging adopter has to be connected to phone while the IP Webcam is activated to avoid the battery runs down .There should be sufficient ventilation provided to avoid heating the phone.

More details on IP Webcam can get from here





18 thoughts on “How to use an old Android phone as an IP camera on Zoneminder

  1. Mr Bkjaya.

    Thank you for all your tutorials, especially the zoneminder stuff. You make installing zoneminder simple and painless. You obviously put a lot of time into making these ‘how to’ zoneminder installation guides and you don’t ever ask for money. Thank you. I’ll keep reading your blog posts.

    • Hi Raul
      Having monitor-1 associated to monitor-2 is not necessary for using Android phone as an IP camera.You can just have the the only monitor pertaining to the IP camera or can associated with other cameras connected to the zoneminder.

    • Hi SeQre
      Please check (1)weather the IP address is correct (indicated in the App IP Webcam installed on the phone)
      (2) try to reduce the capture width & height under source menu in the zoneminder monitor ( capture width & height indicated in the App IP Webcam and the zm monitor should be the same )

  2. Dear Jayasundera,

    I followed your instructions and got 2 android phones streaming from the IP Webcam app.

    Initially I had 2 blue screens but after some troubleshooting I found that changing the resolution in the ZM consol to match the phone exactly resolved it and I could see the video streams (I.e. from 320 x 240 became 640 x 480 and voila). In case anyone else runs into that issue.

    Now there is one more challenge to overcome. When I run live video on Zoneminder, my log posts an error as such…

    ‘socket_sendto( /var/run/zm/zms-152934s.sock ) failed: No such file or directory’

    I’ve looked around for a solution but they all refer to Ubuntu, and we’re trying to run this on Raspbian. So it seems that a seamless Raspberry Pi 3 installation is not quite catered for.

    Have you seen a similar issue or possibly give an idea of how to fix this?

    I referred to these discussions amongst others but nothing worked for RPi…

    It seems like an Apache configuration issue or something.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Craig
      What is the Zoneminder virsion and the Ubuntu version?Sometimes these type of problems will be solved when zoneminder is reinstalled.Please open the ZM-Console and goto paths and check PATH-ZMS.It should be /zm/cgi-bin/nph-zms.
      If the problem is not solved,please refer the problem to

  3. Just found your site and am pretty happy about it . lol. I’ve just set up my Ubuntu server (just so done with Dingdows) and am in the process of viewing tutorials for the installation of Zoneminder. It’s funny that’s not how i found your site. I was searching for a way to keep my Android more energy efficient while streaming and came across this post. Reading the comments i see that you are full of knowledge when it comes to ZM. I’m looking forward to browsing around and gaining some of your expertise. Kind regards Vern.

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