How to install ZoneMinder, v1.31.44. on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Install Zoneminder
Please refer Connor's web site
Open the terminal and run following commands.
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:iconnor/zoneminder-master
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install zoneminder

sudo su

rm /etc/mysql/my.cnf

cp /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf /etc/mysql/my.cnf

gedit /etc/mysql/my.cnf

add the following line at 32


systemctl restart mysql

Create Zoneminder database in MySQL (Note: this also creates the default Zoneminder user and permissions in MySQL)

mysql -uroot -p < /usr/share/zoneminder/db/zm_create.sql
mysql -uroot -p -e "grant all on zm.* to 
'zmuser'@localhost identified by 'zmpass';"

mysqladmin -uroot -p reload

chmod 740 /etc/zm/zm.conf

chown root:www-data /etc/zm/zm.conf

adduser www-data video

a2enmod cgi

a2enconf zoneminder

a2enmod rewrite

chown -R www-data:www-data /usr/share/zoneminder/

systemctl enable zoneminder

service zoneminder start

Add timezone to PHP

gedit /etc/php/7.2/apache2/php.ini

edit line 939 with your timezone


Then save the file php.ini

Your time zone can be get from here 

Adding cambozola.jar to the directory /usr/share/zoneminder/www/
Download the latest cambozola and extract to the Downloads directory 
of your PC
Then copy the cambozola.jar to the directory 
On the ubuntu terminal run 
sudo cp /home/bkjaya1952/Downloads/cambozola-latest/cambozola-0.936/dist/cambozola.jar
Open zoneminder web console (http://localhost/zm/)
Screenshot from 2018-05-22 08-43-37
It was observed in ZM-Console,  the monitor adding editing Deleting  buttons are
not working. This is due to the default setting in  /etc/apache2/conf-available/zoneminder.conf
This problem can be solved by editing the zoneminder.conf file as follows.
Open the terminal and run following commands
(In ZoneMinder, v1.31.45 this error has been rectified)

sudo gedit /etc/apache2/conf-available/zoneminder.conf
Screenshot from 2018-05-22 08-13-53

Add following lines at 13 and 14 as shown in the above figure and save
AllowOverride All 
Require all granted

Then to restart Apache

sudo service apache2 reload
Then open the ZM-Console and restart zoneminder

Screenshot from 2018-05-22 08-48-04
Now you can see all the buttons in zm-console are working.
In my case ,I have added an usb camera as shown in the following figures
 Screenshot from 2018-05-22 09-09-56

Adding USB camera

Screenshot from 2018-05-22 09-09-56Adding USB camera

Screenshot from 2018-05-22 09-12-23
ZM- Console after adding the camera

Screenshot from 2018-05-22 09-12-54Camera view

Screenshot from 2018-05-22 09-13-31
Facility to add storage areas

Reference - Zoneminder forums

How to install Viber on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver without clashing with other software like Virtualbox & Opera

Since viber uses libcurl3 instead of libcurl4 , when installing it on Ubuntu 18.4 some problems arise in  keeping  Virtualbox  and Opera in the same pc  (Ubuntu 18.04).

The following method can be used to eliminate the above problem

In this procedure, you will have to  obtain viber rpm version from the official viber web and convert it to a deb file using “alien” command and then install it on Ubuntu 18.04 PC

Please refer following site for the latest details

How to install Viber on Ubuntu 18.04

Assuming the viber.rpm file is being downloaded to Downloads folder of the PC.

Open the Ubuntu terminal and run following commands

cd Downloads

Installing alien

sudo apt install alien

Making a deb file

sudo alien –to-deb –scripts viber.rpm

After the deb file is formed you can see the file in the Downloads folder as in the following figure

Screenshot from 2018-05-02 19-34-32

Then install the package

sudo dpkg -i viber_7.0.0.1035-3_amd64.deb

Now you can see the viber is being installed properly on the pc without harming other software like VirtualBox installed on the same pc