A simple method to make Zoneminder alarm events remotely viewable using Dropbox syncing (Ubuntu 18.10/19.04)

It is assumed that the Zoneminder is installed on your pc

First install dropbox on your computer using the Ubuntu software center .

Screenshot from 2019-05-24 21-55-29

Figure:- 1

Once the installation of Dropbox is finished Dropbox sync folder is created in the home folder. Please see the figure:2 below

Screenshot from 2019-05-23 20-17-17Figure:-2

The Zoneminder events are stored in the “events” folder at /var/cache/zoneminder.

Now we are going to make a symlink   of  /var/cache/zoneminder/events on the home directory and the cut and paste it in the Dropbox sync folder

Open the Ubuntu terminal and run

sudo ln -s /var/cache/zoneminder/events

Screenshot from 2019-05-24 22-04-22



If you  open the home director , now the symlink   of  /var/cache/zoneminder/events  can be seen as shown in the figure:-4 below

Screenshot from 2019-05-23 20-23-39


The cut events  symlink folder  and paste on the Dropbox sync folder .

If you open the events in the Dropbox sync folder, you will be able to see the events are syncing with the Dropbox cloud . Please see the Figure:-5 below

Screenshot from 2019-05-24 22-24-31


If you Launch the Dropbox website, the uploaded events can be seen as shown in the figure:-6 below

Screenshot from 2019-05-24 22-31-12


Now you can create a share link of event folder of the Dropbox website so that it can be send with  zoneminder emails .







2 thoughts on “A simple method to make Zoneminder alarm events remotely viewable using Dropbox syncing (Ubuntu 18.10/19.04)

  1. Hello, I followed your guidelines on installing the dropbox with zoneminder successfully. I use a computer with 320GB of HD. The DropBox has 2GB free and I do not want to change the free plan. What can I do to limit Zoneminder to write only 2GB to the DropBox and ask it to delete the old recordings in the cloud? Thank you.

  2. Hi Roberto
    You can make a zm filter to delete zoneminder events at /var/cache/zoneminder/events when certain percentage of storage is filled. The correct % can be decided by viewing the full storage indicated in options / storage under zm panel . When events are deleted in /var/cache/zoneminder/events , the files in symlink also get deleted so that the files in the dropbox cloud are deleted

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