How to resolve forgotten device password of Hikvision Q1 NETWORK PT CAMERA


Figure1 :- Hikvision Q1 NETWORK PT CAMERA

I wanted to add my Hikvision Q1 NETWORK PT camera to Zoneminder .In Order to get RTSP stream we need the device username and  password of the camera. Therefore I have gone through the user manual of the camera for searching the default device   password .But the device password was not given in the brochure given with the camera.  Then I had to export xml file with the SADP tool and send it to the Hikvision support center in Bangladesh to get the key to reset the password. The Hikvision support center has sent keys several times but failed to reset the device password using the SADP tool.Then I have asked them whether there is a default password of the above camera. But they informed me  that there is no default password.

Then I have searched the internet  for the default password of Hikvision Q1 NETWORK PT CAMERA and finally  found a comment made by a gentleman called marku2 in a blog   ipcamtalk that gave a clue for the  default device password of the camera.

The default username and default password of Hikvision Q1 NETWORK PT CAMERA are as follows.

Default username – admin

Default password – admin(verification code on camera sticker)

Note:- You will have to enter the verification code just after “admin” without ( )


Figure 2 :- The verification code is circled with red .

The procedure I have used has following steps

1 .  The camera is set to factory reset by pressing  the reset button about 5 seconds .

(When you rotate the camera to the fully upward position , you can see a small door on the front face of the camera . You can open the door with a small pin . After opening the door you will be able to see a small grove for the SD card .To the right of the grove you can see the small reset button.)

Note:- Be careful to insert the SD card facing the metal pins in upward position in to the grove

Once the the camera is set to factory reset, the device username and password automatically set in to default values.

2. Now you will have to use Hikvision ivms4200 software to change the default password.

Figure 3 :-Control Panel of ivms4200

Press the device management button and add the camera.

Screenshot from 2018-09-27 00-03-07

Figure 4 :-entering  the IP address and Default  username and password

Figure 5 :-Changing the default password using user button and modify button

Screenshot from 2018-09-26 22-09-36

Figure 6:- Changing the device password

Changing the default password was successful. Then the camera was added to the Zoneminder monitor using the changed password .

Screenshot from 2018-09-27 00-19-33


Figure 7:- Zoneminder view of the camera monitor


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