How to install Hikvision camera Software (SADP tools & ivms4200 linux) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

Hikvision camera software have been written to suit Windows environment .If you want to run those software on Ubuntu ,you have to first install Wine .But Wine is not included in the  Ubuntu  Software center in Ubuntu 18.04.The  Synaptic Package Manager is useful in installing most of the software that has not been included in the Ubuntu software center.

Installing Wine

Open the terminal and run (or use  Synaptic Package Manager)

sudo apt install wine64

Installing SAPD Tools

Download SADP tools from softpedia

Double click on the downloaded  file  to install SAPD tools (Only the SADPTool_V3.0.0.10 version woks with Ubuntu 18.04)

Screenshot from 2018-06-24 19-54-53

              SADP panel on Ubuntu 18.04

In the above penal you can see the ip camera in the local network has been detected by SADP automatically .

If you don’t have the device password of the camera, you can use SADP tools to reset it. In that case you will have to generate a QR code using the SADP as shown in the figure below and take a picture of the QR code and e- mail  it to the closest technical division of the Hikvision company  . 

Then they will send you a xml file to be used in the SADP Tools to reset the device password.


Screenshot from 2018-06-23 22-56-08

Resetting forgot device password of cameras



Uploading the  xml file received  from the technical division of Hikvision to SADP to reset device password


Installing ivms4200 linux on Ubuntu 18.04

Latest ivms4200  is only compatible with MS Windows. There was a Linux beta version in Hikvision web site long ago. This software can be downloaded from this site  ivms4200-Linux.tar.gz

Alternative download

Extract the file and go to Linux sub folder and double click on iVMS-4200 executable file

Screenshot from 2018-06-24 19-57-50


Screenshot from 2018-06-23 21-53-31

ivms4200 panel on Ubuntu 18.04




27 thoughts on “How to install Hikvision camera Software (SADP tools & ivms4200 linux) on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)

  1. Hallo B.K.Jayasundera, can You help me one more time ? When I double click on iVMS-4200 executable file nothing happens…

    • Hi Romas
      To run SPAD Tool ,ensure the wine is being installed properly .
      Open the ubuntu terminal and enter following commands.
      sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386
      sudo wget -nc
      sudo apt-add-repository
      sudo apt-get install –install-recommends winehq-stable

      Download ivms4200 linux from this link

      Extract the downloaded iVMS4200-Linux.tar.gz file in to your home directory
      Open the “Linux “sub folder of the extracted “iVMS4200-Linux” folder to find executable file “iVMS-4200”.
      Right click the mouse on ‘iVMS-4200″ and go to Properties-> Permissions , Then see weather the box against Execute is being ticked .This file does not work if the box against the Execute is not been ticked.

      To start iVMS4200 Linux , place the mouse on “iVMS-4200” executable file then right click and press Run on the sub menu. ( here doubleclick does not run the file )

  2. I dont install wine and sadp tool, as I understand, wine is for windows apps (sadp), ivms-4200 is version for Linux. Or not?

    • Dear Romas
      Please open the ubuntu terminal and enter the following commands and let me know the results.

      cd ~/iVMS4200-Linux/Linux

      (here the iVMS4200-Linux folder is placed in the home directory )

      • bash: cd: /home/vodeopc/iVMS4200-Linux/Linux: No such file or directory
        bash: ./iVMS-4200: No such file or directory

      • Dear Romas
        I think tar.gz file has not been extracted properly.Please go to home directory using the Nautilus file manager and see wether the extracted iVMS4200-Linux folder is available .(To extract tar.gz file place the mouse cursor and right click . Then press on “Extract” in the popup menu )

  3. Hi,
    It is working on Linux mint 17.03 without any error. Not working on Linux mint 19

    Romas: if you want to run it from command prompt. you need to run /usr/bin/ldd Plugins/* first.

  4. When running iVMS-4200 under Debian I get the following error
    sqlite error code[1], message[no such table: TCfg_SystemParam]
    Failed to load [/home/kodi/iVMS/Linux/Module.xml]

    The GUI loads but I cannot scan the network for devices and there are many cameras and a working NVR on this network. Any tips?

    • Hi map7777
      Please try and see whether the camera can be viewd using hik-connect app on a smart phone. Did you install Wine on linux ? Please download ivms4200 for linux software using the link given in my blog post .

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