How to remotely control your Raspberry pi 3 over the internet using a RealVNC cloud connection

The VNC connect (RealVNC Server and the Viewer) has  been installed by default on the Raspbian OS make available for  Raspberry pi 3 .

But the VNC connect installed by default on Raspberry seems to be an Old version which does not permit VNC cloud connection.Therefore you will have to upgrade the software to version 6 at the start.

Updating software

Open the terminal an run

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Then sign up for a free VNC Cloud account  available for the home users

Signing up for free home cloud account

Then you will have to make changes in the Raspberry setup to activate the VNC Server at the booting and to facilitate the connection with the cloud and the licensing


Activating VNC Server at boot time

On the Raspberry pi menu go to

Preferences/Raspberry Pi Configuration/interfaces/

Screenshot from 2017-03-05 22-43-51.png

and enable VNC and SSH

Then re boot the Rasberry pi

Now you can see the Sever icon on the panel.


VNC server running on Raspberry Pi 3

Place the mouse pointer on the vnc sever icon and  right click

Then go to Licensing and connect the Raspberry with the cloud

Licensing for free cloud account

facilitating head less remote connection for the Raspberry  Pi 3

Place the mouse pointer on the vnc sever icon and  right click

Select Options/connections/

Make the check  boxes as shown in the following figures

Now If you sign in to your cloud account, you can see your Raspberry pi is connected to the cloud


Cloud connection with raspberry Pi

Accessing the Raspberry Pi desktop from the remote computer

Install the VNC Viwer on the remote computer

My Os on the remote  computer is Ubuntu 16.10

Start the VNC Viwer  and connect to the Raspberry Pi  over the cloud



Raspberry Pi desktop on the remote computer


Controlling Zoneminder CCTV system installed on the Rasberry Pi using the remote computer


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