How to view Zoneminder monitor remotely using ngrok

When the  Zonminder is using Apache HTTP Server , the ZM-Console address is localhost/zm. The ngrok software can be used to access the localhost of the computer where the zoneminder is installed .

First you will have to install the ngrok software on the computer where the zoneminder is installed .

Once  you run ngrok on the terminal you will get the web address for you to access the localhost remotely .

You can get ngrok from here

First ,download the ngrok zip file and extract it in to the home directory of the computer.

Then open the terminal and run the following command  to install ngrok

sudo apt-get install ngrok-client

Then run

./ngrok http 80

Now You see the ngrok terminal as follows.

Press this to see ngrok terminal

Here the web address under the forwarding will give the access to localhost:80 of your computer. Now you can use this web address to access your localhost on a remote computer .


Press this  to see  the result 

Now you can access the ZM-Console by adding /zm to the web address

Press this to see the ZM-Console and the Monitor


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