How to use JPIV in Linux Mint 17/Ubuntu 14.04


JPIV is a software package for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). The program is open source, platform independent.

What is PIV?

PIV is an optical technique for measuring the displacement of particle pattern. PIV ist mostly used for flow velocity measurements. In contrast to many other techniques, that measure the velocity of a single point, PIV provides information about the two dimensional velocity distribution, or more precise, about the distribution of two Cartesian velocity components parallel to a measurement plane. There are specialized set-ups that measure three Cartesian components in a plane (e.g. Stereo-PIV) or even three components in space (e.g. Tomographic PIV, Holographic PIV). Because it is an optical technique, the fluid flow is usually not disturbed by a measurement probe.

The movement of a gas or a liquid is visualized by adding small tracer particles to the flow. With a digital camera, the position of the particles is captured at least twice, with a little time lag between the images. A computer program like JPIV is used for tracking the movement of the particles based on cross-correlation, and to visualize the result.

JPIV can be effectively used to analyse velocity distribution in Hydraulic model studies.

How to install on Mint

Download JPIV > HERE

Icedtea -7-plugin has to be needed to run JPIV.

Please install Icetea if it has not be installed  already.

Move jpiv.jar file to home directory

right click properties>permissions> tick the box for allowing execute file as a program and

Tick the box to open with Open JDK Java 7 Runtime

Go to desktop

Create a desk top Launcher by right clicking the mouse .

Now you can start JPIV by double clicking the launcher at the desktop



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