How to mount a account in a computer with Linux Mint OS

Following tutorial shows how to mount a free cloud account in a computer with linux Mint.

First go to the home directory

In the main menu press File>Connect to Server

Then fill the cages as follows and connect

Server Details

Server –

Type –     Secure WebDAV (HTTPS)     Port – 443

User Details  (Of your box account)

User Name-

Password   –

Then press Connect

(In some cases you will have to input


as the sever address)


Open the terminal and input
sudo apt-get install davfs2
sudo adduser your-username davfs2  (use your linux user name)
mkdir ~/Box
mkdir ~/.davfs2
cp /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf ~/.davfs2
echo "use_locks    0" >> ~/.davfs2/davfs2.conf
sudo gedit /etc/davfs2/davfs2.conf
In this file enter the following line and save
use_locks       0
Open the hidden folder .davfs2 in the home directory 
Open the  text editor and paste the following and save the 
file as “secrets     your Box_username    Box_password

Then open the terminal and run
sudo chmod 600 ~/.davfs2/secrets

sudo gedit /etc/fstab

Add the following line to the end of the file and save /home/your-username/Box         davfs rw,user,noauto 0 0

sudo dpkg-reconfigure davfs2   
(This is to Mount as a non-root user on Mint)

configuring davfs2

At the dpkg-reconfigure screen , click on “Yes” button.   in the terminal Now enter

 sudo mount ~/Box
Now the box account is mounted

If you errors in mounting Please try
sudo chmod u+s /sbin/mount.davfs
mounted box
You can see the box is mounted on home directory


When the cloud is mounted on the computer all the data can be visible in the computer.

Please find the screen capture photos here 

Reference:- Damian
            Dan Nanni 



4 thoughts on “How to mount a account in a computer with Linux Mint OS

  1. Practical blog post ! I was enlightened by the specifics , Does someone know if my assistant could access a fillable a form example to type on ?

  2. please help I’ve tried a few tutorials like this in several different distros but always get the error: /sbin/mount.davfs: user (my user name) must be member of group davfs2

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