How to install JMCAD on Mint.

JMCAD is a modern free software for the mathematical modeling and simulation of complex dynamic systems.This software can be installed on Linux platforms.

First Icedtea-7-plugin has to be installed using Software manager of Mint.Then go to and download JMCAD software .Then right click the downloaded file ; go to permissions mark it as  executable. Go to Open with and mark application as IceTea Java Webstart .Then double click the file to install the programme.After installing a start up icon is placed on the desktop.

When you double click the icon the main window of JMCAD will appear.This software can be used for complex mathematical modelling ,simulation and making virtual instruments

Here, I have given a small example on “how to visualise the microphone input of the computer ”

screen capture images can be seen HERE

First In the main menu of window ,you will have to go to file>new .

Then you get a window named “Model#1”

In the left panel of main window ,under the elements you can see programmable elements.

In this case press “In”  to get the drop down menu and place the cursor on ‘input from sound” ,then place the cursor in “Model#1” window to get the element on to it .

Similarly “Display graph in real time” under visualisation can be obtained.

you can adjust the size of the graph by   double clicking  on it .You can just place the cursor and wire the circuit .

You can add Start Stop button using “control>Start and model Stop.

When you double click on the “Start and Model stop” button programme starts or stop.

Alternative method to install JMCAD

Download JMCAD from HERE

Copy the downloaded file to home directory and extract.

Open the extracted file and find the file JMCAD.jar

place the mouse cursor on it ;right clck>permissions>tick the box on Allow executing file as program

Open with>select OpenJDK java7 Runtime

When you double click JMCAD.jar  JMCAD will open.

Now you can make a start up icon as in the previous case

Similarly the script file called can also be used to start the program.


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