How to install Dropbox 2.8.2 on Mint 16 64 bit

First download the dropbox software. The Dropbox 2.8.2  64 bit can be downloaded from

Copy the downloaded tar.gz file to Home directory .

Extrat it to the Home directory

The extracted contents are not visible as those are in hidden format .

To see the files and folders press View>Show Hidden Files in the main menu of the Home directory

Now yo can see related folders such as

.dropbox ,.dropbox-dist  etc…

Open .dropbox-dist and find a file called dropboxd.

dropbox can be started when you double click on dropboxd

Since there is no start up icon generated, we will have to make one on the desktop manually .

Go to desktop and right click to make a launcher.

In the Launcher to get the command you will have to browse home folder>.dropbox-dist>dropboxd

Here you may have to right click on choose an Application window for enabling the view of hidden files.

If you want to start dropbox automatically on Mint start up

Go to Main menu> Control Center>Startup Applications >add

Then fill up Add Startup Program cage and add

Now the dropbox starts on Mint Start up

Making dropbox at the start up of Linux


Alternative method to make a start up icon

Go to desktop

Place the mouse cursor on the left corner of the bottom panel and right click

Then press  Edit menu>Under any of the Applications , as your wish make a new item

The you get the Create Launcher window

fill up the cages as in the case above and press OK

Then the Drop Box start up icon is added to the main menu.

This method is applicable also to latest versions of Drop Box

Drop Box download site –

In the latest versions of Drop Box, if you want to start drop box automatically on Mint start up ,You can make it easily using the Drop Preferences



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