How to install Abyss Web Server X1 on Mint

Abyss Web Server X1 is a free software .This software can be downloaded from

How to use Abyss Web Server X1:-

First download Abyss Web Server X1 from the above site

Extract the downloaded abwsx1.tgz file to the home directory of your computer.

The the extracted file is abyssws

Open the terminal & input

cd abyssws


Now open the web browser and input the following web address to view your web site index.html which is placed at  /home/abyssws/htdocs


You can edit this index.html to suit you requriements.( for editing you may use Kompozer or similar software)

For configuring you server ,use the following web address

localhost:9999       (Note :-This has to be done after opening the terminal with cd abyssws and ./abyssws commands)

for the first time you will have to input a user name and password to use the console.

A start up icon can be made on the desktop by creating a launcher .At the desktop right click the mouse to creat  a launcher .For the Command browse home/abyssws/abyssws.For the Type use Location.

To start the sever double click the icon and press “Run in Terminal”. Then the server will be started with opened terminal.When the terminal is closed, server stops.

To view screen shots press  HERE


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